A winter weekend and a winter playlist

Everyone is fully aware of the fact that January and February well and truly suck. The days are short and miserable and Christmas is no longer there to provide us with even a bit of cheer. I can no longer stuff my face with mince pie after mince pie under the safety of my fairy lights and I actually have to think about doing some work. I often wake up and feel as if the only thing that I am truly capable of doing is cocooning myself further into my duvet and attempting to stay in hibernation until Spring comes around. I often feel that life would've been so much easier if I had been born a bear. The idea of getting a seven month hibernation break each year sounds like the exact remedy to my winter fatigue.

All of these January blues often lead me to spend my weekends in bed with the company of Sims 4 and a packet of dried fruit. What a life I lead. However, this past weekend I found my usual schedule of emerging, blank faced and bed headed, from my slumber at midday was scrapped. I was downstairs, weary eyed but ready to face the day, at as early as eight AM last Saturday. I still can't quite believe it myself.

After having spent these past months doing very little, it was odd to find that last weekend I spent not just one but two days at the beach. Despite the fact that it's not exactly the weather for it, the wind didn't even stop me kicking off my shoes and socks and going for a bit of a dip. I had Paolo Nutini playing out from my phone in my coat pocket and Mollie and I spent a good fifteen minutes running in and out with the tide. We emerged numb footed with sodden jeans but the best part of it was in those fifteen minutes life completely passed me by. It sounds strange, but it was almost as if I had forgotten everything other than the feeling of the water beneath me. Sometimes, a bit of good music and the company of friends is more that enough to make you forget any worries or woes (the deluxe banana milkshake and chocolate orange brownie that Bethan and I completely demolished also helped)!

I'm going to do something that I haven't done in almost a year and share a link to my Spotify playlist again today. The following songs have been getting me through both my aforementioned January blues and also endless college breaks when I find myself struck down by boredom. Looking back at old playlists is something that I used to find funny due to my apparent inability to understand what good music actually was. The songs I would listen to would be so random and all over the place meaning that there was no calling as to what I would be into next. However, across the last few years, I've really found some super artists that really do it for me and now my music taste actually rarely falters. These are just a few of my favourites.

Candy - Paolo Nutini
To The Sea - Jack Johnson
The World Is Waiting - The Crookes
Heart Beats Slow - Angus & Julia Stone
From Eden - Hozier
I Think It's Going To Rain Today - Tom Odell
Great American Novel - Max Jury
Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine
Loving You - Paolo Nutini
Live Forever - Oasis
Soapbox - The Crookes
Not Nineteen Forever (Live at Castlefield Bowl) - The Courteeners


  1. I am feeling in exactly the same state, thank you for summing my January blues up for me! Also I love all the songs on your playlist, they gave me so much warmth.


    1. January is just such a miserable month!! I'm glad you enjoyed them, they're such lovely songs.
      Katie xxx

  2. I like the songs you have picked, especially Paolo!

    Meme xx


    1. Thank you! Oh I do love Paolo, he is so lovely to listen to!!
      Katie xxx