Exeter in the Wintertime

A range of wooden huts draped in their own formation of fairy lights, tinsel and baubles of all forms seem to have left me rather out of pocket this year. There is no denying the fact that the smell of Christmas that now wavers in the air around Exeter's Cathedral has drawn me in far too many times than I like to admit. 

It's obviously that time of the year again. I'm not sure if I feel constantly sick with the over consumption of multiple chocolate bars or just with pure excitement. Probably both. Despite this, nothing has stopped me from spending break after break in Exeter's annual Christmas Market which is sat happily at the foot of the Cathedral until the 19th of December. 

I do worry that I have perhaps spent more time walking around the various stalls than I have in my own home. Just the other week I tucked my camera away in my bag and after my final lesson at three I met Mollie off her train in Exeter Central. By the time we had reached the market it was still light but the sky was full of a couple of suffocating clouds and it wouldn't be long before darkness would set in. After having a quick browse of what delicacies were on offer, we ventured into Princesshay for a quick shop as well as getting a snap or two of their Christmas lights. The city has literally been lit up in the form of polar bears, snowflakes and smaller lights woven between the branches of the tree's that line the streets. By the time we returned to the market the clouds were a deep grey and as we walked these lights seemed to bounce off the eyes of passersby. Despite the quickly darkening sky and the nasty wind this gave everything a layer of warmth. The market had it's own spark.

The small pathways that wove their way between the market stalls were full of people of all ethnicity's. The air was full of a buzz of different voices, languages and emotions. Because, for better or for worse, it's that time of the year where everyone is brought together isn't it. It's Christmas. Tell somebody that you love them. As 2015 draws to a close appreciate the fact that you have people to spend this time of the year with. Be happy, be humble, and most of all always try to be grateful for what you have. Sometimes it's easy to forget there are people in the world worse off than you and for me, realising this is what this year has been about.

Have a wonderful Christmas. x


  1. wow Looks nice

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  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! Everything looks so festive, love it!
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    1. It was too pretty to go unpictured. Thank you for your comment!

  3. How lovely that you have this Christmas market! Wish I had one near me to pop out to on my breaks :) x

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    1. I do feel very lucky to have it so close by! Thank you for your comment. Xx

  4. This place looks so incredibly pretty!


  5. Pretty pictures, the place looks so dreamy!