Review: Jack Savoretti @ Sin City, Swansea

With both his guitars and tambourine to hand, Jack Savoretti filled the small venue of Swansea's Sin City with both joy and wonderful music last Sunday.

After watching Jack live at Beautiful Days this August, both my bus journeys and nights in have been filled with his voice. I knew I had my priorities in order when I purchased his album on return from the festival before I had even showered off the mud that seemed to cling to my skin, hair and clothes. Saying that, I'd already given my friend Beth my money for a ticket to his show in Swansea before I'd left the festival site. I now write this having seen him on Sunday for the second time and I keep reliving the memories in my head feeling ever so bittersweet. It was one of those nights that made me feel ridiculously happy and fulfilled, and I'm so glad I could have experienced it again with one of my best friends, but ultimately I'm full of sadness that it's over.

Having never been to Swansea before the surrounding area to the venue was quite a contrast to living in North Devon. With the sound of sirens filling your ears with every corner and a fight as pre-show entertainment down an alleyway opposite to where we were queueing, I wasn't as at ease with it all as I would have liked. Entering the venue, however, and fully discovering how small it was compared to what I was used to filled me with glee. Walking through the doors I was faced with a bar area to my left and merch stall to my right (I am bloody chuffed with my tour top for a justifiable £15!!) and I assumed this was a bar area adjacent to the main room. It wasn't until Beth pointed to a barrier at the end that I realised this was it. We were stood in the main room. Being two of the first people to enter, we were able to walk right up to the middle of the barrier and I've never been in such a good position at any of the shows I've been to previously. A small slightly raised stage lay ahead of me, the main microphone so close I could almost stretch out and brush my fingertips against it. The floor was sticky, the room was stuffy and smelt of musk, yet I couldn't have been happier.

With support from Max Jury, I began to realise just how intimate this performance was going to be. Turning my head slightly it was clear that the room was cramped full and people extended out to both sides and out to the very back for as far as I could see. A not so charming aroma of sweat and alcohol just contributed to the experience and the atmosphere was calmed by a compilation of Max's raw voice and his complimenting keyboard skills.

At 9PM the members of Jack's band walked on stage and played an intro on their range of instruments to cries of appreciation. Jack then strolled on and was met by loud shouts from across the room that seemed to bounce of the walls. With his guitar in hand and red and blue scarf wrapped around his mic stand we were graced with Written In Scars and I was able to balance my phone on the barrier without spending the whole show looking through it. I love to record whole songs that can be watched over and over again to help cure early morning boredom on the bus to college but there's no way I'd miss out on living the night in its full form in comparison to watching it through a screen.

Over the next 2 hours we were treat to a 21 song set list. A set list that, with a lot of shouting post-performance to get someones attention, I got to keep a version of- industrial tape and all. It was full of old favourites and new discoveries and I enjoyed every second of it. It was so surreal to have Jack straight in front of me and as incredible as his music sounds through my phone, watching it live was on another level.

As the night excelled, the floor seemed to get stickier and stickier. So much so that I became unable to stomp my feet and dance around due to the real effort it took to split up the relationship my shoes had developed with the floor beneath me. This led to an awful lot of clapping and hitting the barrier in time and although I was too captivated on what was going on in front of me to look behind, I liked to think Beth and I danced more than the whole room combined. There is nothing wrong with singing along and appreciating what is good music.

As difficult as it is to pick a favourite, the night came with various highlights. One of these being the cover of Bob Dylan's Nobody 'Cept You; a song that is performed by Jack alone. With a brief description of how it came to be and what the song means to him, Jack then went on to share it to the rest of us. It's one I clearly remember from Beautiful Days before I even knew his music well purely because of how it made me feel. I was fortunate enough to catch it on video with very good sound quality (which doesn't normally happen with my phone, what a treat) and it's also picked up the combination of voices of the majority of the room singing the song back at him. Of course, as I've mentioned in previous posts, the night wasn't lacking in the gruff voices that I always imagine to be belonging to middle aged bald men who seem to appear at every concert with loud masculine shouts of affection. Where do these people come from?! Speaking of loudness, the only disappointment was people talking during a number of songs, especially Soldier's Eyes which Jack performed with John Bird on the double bass. But, as Jack rightly said, if you've gone there to talk you've wasted 20 quid.

Come Shine A Light, Sweet Hurt, Knock Knock and of course my all time favourite Not Worthy were the real deal for me. You don't get much better than those songs. I also enjoyed the tambourine action throughout The Other Side Of Love. In all, I'm sure you've gathered by now just how much I enjoyed the entire evening. It was the type of thing that I would have travelled even further than Swansea for, purely because the rush of both adrenaline and happiness blocks out everything other than how great I was feeling. Thank you so much to Beth's mum Louise for driving us there and sitting in the car for the evening I really appreciate it!

Jack is currently on tour and if I am correct a few dates still have tickets left. It fills me with misery sat here in Exeter College to know that at the end of the month he will be just round the corner at the Exeter Phoenix and that the night is SOLD OUT. If anyone has a spare ticket please feel free to get in touch with me!! As greedy as it may seem I'd love to see him a third time, and a fourth...and a fifth- you get the picture. I just love live shows and this one topped the lot.


  1. Thanks for the review! After I finish this comment, I'm going to look up Jack Savoretti on Spotify. I always enjoy discovering new music :)

    be the plebeian

    1. Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoy.
      Katie x

  2. Thanks for the review babe♥♥