Life Moves Pretty Fast

I've come to the inevitable conclusion that life moves pretty fast. You may be thinking that this epiphany occurred after watching Ferris Bueller endlessly, and yes that probably is a contribution, but I am really starting to wonder where the last sixteen years have gone. The idea that I will be this age forever is obviously implausible but it doesn't take me long to forget that I will eventually turn 40. How horrific.

Sometimes the key attribute here is denial. I spent my whole summer denying the fact it would eventually end, yet here I am on my third day of college. Where is summer you may ask? Over.
I was determined that I wouldn't have to face college if I just didn't think about it. I had fun and pushed any thoughts involving the word "icebreaker" to the back of my mind. This was successful until the night before my first day when my world came crashing down as I began to forage round my brain for as many quirky facts to help me out when having to say "My name is Katie and I like....". All I learnt from that experience is that I'm not a very interesting person. That, and the fact that time will always go on. You will always reach new stages in your life no matter how much you don't want to.

Since starting Nursery, school and adults alike constantly bombard you with the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?". Over the years I've changed from a Zoo Keeper to a Spaceman to eventually a Journalist. I've gone through so many phases and named pretty much every job under the sun. It never actually settled in my head until recently that one day I will actually have to grow up. Questions about growing up and our future careers are passed around so often and it's answers are always so extravagant. It takes some time before you learn that being a "grown up" isn't actually a magical land where you can have any pet you want and not bide by the rules. The truth to this land of "grown ups" is that you have to pay for everything yourself and your mum will stop doing your washing and ironing for you. I am happy to admit I am more worried about the second of those problems because the word iron is not in my vocabulary.

I often spent far to much of my year as a 13 year old turning down opportunities. For a while I was that one in my group of friends who never went anywhere without making a fuss. I'm not the most outdoor adventurer you'll ever meet but I no longer turn down an invitation to meet up with friends if possible. If starting college has taught me one thing it's that life isn't always like school. The time you get to spend with your friends wont last forever and everyone eventually will grow up and go there separate ways. So now, any time I do have with my friends will be enjoyed to the fullest and I will treasure each second. Hopefully growing up will bring new friends and new experiences but for now I want to make sure I have old friends and old experiences to look back on when I'm having a stroll on the moon as a successful spacewoman.

Now this is the part where I promise to live life to the fullest and go on an internet free spree before riding an elephant and letting parrots lounge on my head in some exotic country. Unfortunately those scenarios are unlikely but recently I have been trying not to take life (and everything in it) for granted. For me, that's a step in the right direction.


  1. I loved this post x clever girl ..made me laugh and cry ... Journalist to the end xx

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I do hope so.
    Katie xx