Bulworthy Forest Lodges

It's that time of year again. Hopefully when you're reading this I'll be in some quaint little Greek Taverna drinking an awful lot of peach ice tea. Or maybe I'll be on the Island of Spinalonga learning about the lives of the lepers. Or I could quite possibly be having a bicker with my brother by the pool over who gets to sit by the window on the plane home. In fact I can pretty much guarantee it'll be the last option!!

In the mean time, before setting off tomorrow I need to pre-write something that will go up for you guys during my time in Elounda. Taking things back in time a little, you may have been here long enough to remember a post I wrote back in March called The Great Outdoors (if not, you can read it by clicking here). This consisted of a selection of photos I took with my friend Mollie on a walk we went on the previous May. Recently, feeling like another was way overdue, we were back again to walk through the trees that surround Bulworthy Forest Lodges as never before have I found somewhere so lovely to capture with my camera.

Before I could even get my camera out we were confronted by a gang, yes a gang, of evil ducks. No, this is not some sort of twisted fairytale. We were in fact chased by what must have been about 15 ducks and let me tell you they did not seem to have good intentions!! I don't know if they were protecting their young or if they thought we had food, what I do know is that making random shouting noises didn't scare them whatsoever!! We had to resort to pretending we were chucking food in the pond before making a run for it. Recounting the story lead to us receiving some very strange looks.

Down in Devon we are obviously not blessed with beautiful weather. You can leave the house smothered in suncream and find yourself needing an umbrella by mid-day, it's that unpredictable. Currently it is a mixture of clouds, rain and a bit more rain. The 30 degree temperatures of Crete will be welcomed with open arms. I hope wherever you are in the world the sun has made an appearance and that you enjoy the rest of your summer. Sorry this is a shorter post than I would have liked but I am currently trying to stuff a very large Peter Pan stuffed toy into my suitcase because I can't bare to leave him behind. If you don't know me that sounds very peculiar but to everyone else that last sentence will most probably make complete sense. Goodbye for now!!

We will never know what happened to this pheasant. R.I.P.

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