Take a tour around: Clovelly

Clovelly is well-known for it's extremely steep cobbled streets, quaint cottages and resident donkeys, It happens to be my favourite place to visit and photograph in North Devon and it attracts a swarm of tourists (and unsuprisingly, wasps) during the summer months. 

Clovelly very much takes things back in time. The inhabitants of the small fishing village get their groceries down the steep hill by pulling them on a sledge. After trekking your way down yourself you can find the harbour and a small range of shops, my favourite selling locally caught sea food sandwiches. I'm not much of a risk taker myself and usually stick to the tuna but one day I will try the crab sandwich.

The other evening my parents and I decided an evening stroll in Clovelly was exactly what we needed to help walk off our dinner. I grabbed my camera and my hat and we set off with the windows rolled down and the Rolling Stones CD turned up to full volume. Nothing will put you in a good mood like listening to Honky Tonk Women. 

The street, usually occupied with a combination of both tourists and locals was empty and quiet. Other than the occasional cry of a donkey or the low chatter of a crowd of locals at the pub, the evening was almost completely silent. We were occasionally accompanied on our walk by a few of the local feline inhabitants.
I normally have a lot to say about my photos, but today I feel like this little selection says everything there is to say about Clovelly. It was lovely to be able to capture it without the streets full of holiday makers, although with my big camera I probably resembled one myself. I've visited Clovelly with my family since I was a young girl and although I loved the donkeys (and still do), I can cope with the hefty walk back up the hill now without having a tantrum.

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