Review: The Addams Family Musical @ The Queens Theatre

What could be better than the all-round oddness of the mysterious Addams family? The all- round oddness of the mysterious Addams family singing... in their very own musical. This week Atlantic Coast Theatre introduced Barnstaple to the classic well-loved characters of the Addams family but have incorporated an unusual love story or two, some unexpected plot-twists and plenty of hefty musical numbers.

The curtain rose on Wednesday night to the original theme tune of the Addams family and predictably, every member of the audience was clicking along. We were greeted with the scene of some large metal gates with the letter A branded upon the metal. Behind these gates stood the members of the Addams family, clutching at the bars as if they were animals in a zoo. The eerie scene was complemented with lights of a deep purple colour providing what was a very night-time feel. We were then taken to the Addams family graveyard where the ancient Addams ancestors were called upon to the real world. They were stuck there until they helped the love-struck Uncle Fester ensure that the relationship of Wednesday Addams and her boyfriend Lucas ran smoothly. Yes, you read that correctly, Wednesday Addams and boyfriend are not two things I would expect to see in the same sentence.

The storyline of The Addams Family musical is slightly different to the usual perspective of this family. I'm sure the musical relies on the high profile of the well-known characters to aid it's success and you can't knock the cast of Atlantic Coast Theatre for taking on the well-known production with such enthusiasm. Each of the ghoulish songs and dance routines were complemented by costumes that allowed the cast to look as if they had stepped right out of Charles Addams cartoons in 1940.

It was easy to say that Uncle Fester and his shiny bald head completely stole the show. His eccentric dance moves and regular joyful cackles caused an uproar of laughter from the crowd. Although the performance told the story of Wednesday and her boyfriend, there was a strangely beuatiful scene in which Uncle Fester followed his dreams and visited the love of his life... the moon. I'm not sure whether it's the likeness between the moon and Festers head, but they are strangely suited to each other. The young boy, aged just 10, who performed as Pugsley also showed a lot of potential in both singing and acting. He shone with confidence and although he was the youngest member of the cast by a mile I would go as far to say that he even performed better than the more experienced members.

Some very impressive sets allowed them to under go a production with a professional feel. You really have got to be as hard as nails to leave The Addams Family Musical and say you didn't enjoy yourself. Also it's impossible to not be impressed at how dear Morticia not only walks, but dances, in that long, tight black skirt of hers. Gomez and Morticias undying love for one another is not left untouched in this production, and even Grandma Addams is looking for some arm candy of her own. It seems only poor Pugsleys head isn't clouded with fleeting thoughts on love, in fact he is more concerned about who will torture him once his sister has left. Now that's an Addams family member we know and love.

The Addams Family musical is on at The Queens Theatre in Barnstaple until Saturday evening. If you still wish to book tickets and make a night of it you can do so by clicking here. This is among many productions and if reading this has given you an urge to take a trip to the theatre (and I hope it has!) you can look at a list of upcoming shows on the North Devon Theatres website.

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