School is finally over and I think an apology for the rushed posts I've published this exam season is well overdue. I'd sit down to write a post and discover that I had another exam the next day. I can finally say, after months of revision, each of my 20 exams are finished. I've left school and I have 11 weeks ahead of me full of  the unknown. Who knows what life after school will bring. I've never been one for change, but for once in my life I actually feel excited for what the future will consist of.

One thing I can promise you is that I am leaving a lot of my time free for my blog. I've got a small job working in a little garden centre packaging flowers for order as a new experience for the summer. This doesn't mean that my evenings and days off won't be spent with my friends, taking photographs and encountering new things that I can write about. I'm not going to lie, I've not been happy with the content I've put out for the last few months. Everything feels rushed and I just haven't had the time to put that extra bit of effort into my posts. I think I've outgrown my layout slightly and need a bit of a re-vamp. Perhaps I really am becoming a lover of change.

I hope these next weeks will give me the perfect opportunity to work on my blog and create something I am happy with and can be proud of. There is nothing I love more than taking the time out of my day to write here and I can't even imagine what I used to do with my free time beforehand. Now my evenings don't have to consist of answering practice questions on Biology (which was the only subject I weirdly enjoyed revising) or trying to map out how I used acting skills in every one of my drama performances across the past two years. I can actually share posts like I used to before I seemed to be drowning in exam papers.

There is nothing I appreciate more than having my own safe space, a platform where I can share anything I wish. Rather than post just anything I feel like I want to channel my posts more to fit me as a person. If I have one aim for the next 11 weeks it's to give this page a bit of a transformation into something that I would be proud to share with those around me.

For some people I get that the whole idea of running a blog may seem odd, or even stupid (thanks Ollie), but for me it's something that makes me happy. If writing makes me happy then I will do just that. I'm not a woman of many talents but this is something that I like to think I can actually do or even just enjoy. Crazy I know. It was a family member of mine who suggested I set up a blog to help me in a career in journalism one day and who would of known it would have grown into something that I would love putting so much time into.

I hope I'll see you an awful lot over the next few weeks and look out for a review of the lovely Tom Odell (yes, I went to see him live again!!) over the upcoming days. All the love.

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