The wonders of the theatre

Here I am, still trying desperately to keep you updated as I drown under the pressure of my 20 exams. Most of my friends have 11 or 12 and somehow I've ended up with 20 thanks to triple science and my choice of subjects. Sorry if everything is very quickly strung together at the moment, but after the next four weeks are over I have an 11 week long summer to spend working on katiehuxtable,com. I'm hoping to change the look around a bit and really work on getting some good posts out in the world. That is a promise.

So, on to todays post- the theatre. I should probably make a public apology to all those who have heard me attempt at singing Phantom of the Opera or any of the other range of musicals I love in and around school. I just can't deny it- I love the theatre. I've played the soundtrack to Mamma Mia and Grease so much my friend Beth can't even bare to listen to it anymore. (Sorry about that!!).

Since writing my first ever theatre review on this blog about Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap which was published a year ago this week (you can read it here) I seem to have spiraled into a world of theatre. I soon discovered that not only do I love to watch a good show but it doesn't seem right unless I have written about it too. There isn't much that gives me more joy than dressing up, putting my blogging notebook into my bag and going to watch a show - even if it does mean spending the interval eagerly scribbling down notes in order to make sure my memory doesn't let me down. 

Although I visit the theatre often, I am rarely seen at a cinema. Don't get me wrong, I love a good film and I'll happily curl up at home and watch a good movie. There's just something in being in a cinema that sends me to sleep? I am that person who, no matter how much I'm enjoying a movie, always wakes up at the end feeling gutted to have missed out, I just can't help it. I must take after my mother who somehow slept her way through the whole of The Hobbit. 

The theatre on the other hand is a completely different experience. Having the action right there in front of you provides a completely different atmosphere. Although watching a production may be seen as more of a special occasion, I seem to somehow have turned it into a hobby too. 

My next trip to the theatre is on the 29th of May and is the School Edition of Les Miserables at The Queens Theatre in Barnstaple. Not only do I love Les Mis, but I also know some of the cast. It really is going to be a great show and you can expect a review in the days to follow.

The experience of the theatre is something that just can't be replicated using a big screen. If you want to watch Les Miserables at Barnstaple from the 27th to the 30th of May or fancy any of the other shows on in North Devon- check out the North Devon Theatres website here.

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