Wrap.me: personalised wrapping paper

When somebody first receives a present, the first thing they see is the paper it's wrapped in. I like to ensure that all my friends and family receive lovely wrapped gifts because it makes you more excited for what's actually inside! I'm normally a brown paper and cute ribbon kind of girl but recently I discovered wrap.me- and that's when I decided to mix things up a bit.

As you can see from the range of photographs below, I recently received* two sheets of my own personalised wrapping paper from wrap.me. I was able to choose up to 30 of my own photos from Instagram, Facebook or my computer. (For one sheet I chose a selection of favourite pictures with my friends and for the other I chose 2 pictures of me and Beth by a waterfall in Clovelly which I think goes together really nicely). You can choose whether you want a border between your photos and how much wrapping you wish to receive. One sheet costs only £4.99.
There iss something about having your own photos on wrapping paper that adds such a nice personal touch to any gift. Any memory spent with you and the person receiving the gift can be shown simply through a bit of wrapping.

Whether someones birthday is around the corner, a wedding anniversary present needs wrapping, Christmas is calling or you just fancy giving someone close to you a gift it's nice to just add that special something in the form of some decorative wrapping paper. If you're even feeling extra funny why not cover it in your friends mug shots- what a way to make someone feel special!

Some of my photos weren't the best of quality yet they still came out clear as day. The prices range from £4.99 to £9.99 to £14.99 depending on the size of roll you wish to order and delivery is free.

The only way to wrap this post up (I'm really sorry, I will admit that was appalling!!) is to say if you want to check out wrap.me you can do so by clicking here.


the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about

I'm sure everybody gets those days where you find yourself brain dead, stuck in a wordless rut or where you just can't seem to find anything to say. Some months on my blog 3 posts will come to me with ease. Others times I can be found with my head in my hands and tearing my hair out in desperation for a light bulb moment. There is nothing I hate more than spending more time thinking of ideas rather than putting them down on paper (or screen in this case!).

Sometimes I can mull over possible ideas for what seems like endless amounts of time when I'd much rather knuckle down and produce something I can be proud of. Theatre reviews come easy to me but I couldn't go to the theatre three times in the same month. With exams fast approaching the time just doesn't seem to be there for me to do anything other than read up on enzymes and nuclear fission? So when I heard about the book that Dana Fox, website designer and blogger, had released full to the very last page with blog ideas I couldn't resist. (Some of you may remember my old pink blog layout which was her Summer of 69 blog template).

365 Blog Topic Ideas (For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing To Write About) is exactly what it says on the tin. The simple layout of an idea per page makes it easy to skim through and look for something that you can work with and adapt to suit you. Each of the 365 pages has a new idea for you to try, whether you do exactly what it says or change it slightly in order to introduce something of your own to it. Now when I'm stuck for material I simply have to flick through and I have a range of ideas to spark some more creative content.

Now, every so often between the theatre and film reviews, photographs of the sea and the desperate ramblings I can browse through the book and post something a little different. Whether it is 30 things I want to do before I'm 30, ten things that have made me happy this week or a get ready with me photo post (unlikely due to the fact I look ridiculously awkward in pictures) I hope you enjoy something different every once in a while. Although I made this blog to showcase my writing and build a portfolio, which is seen best through my reviews, it's nice sometimes to share something a bit more personal to give you more of an insight as to what goes on behind the screen. I'm not the best of talkers in real life and for some reason I find it so much easier to write down everything that goes on in my life and rather over-imaginative mind rather than speak it aloud.

If you ever find yourself in the same situation as me and wish for that extra bit of help everyone once and a while you can purchase 365 Blog Topic Ideas by clicking here.

I hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather (if it's nice like it is here in North Devon for a change) and good luck to anyone with exams coming soon.

K xx

REVIEW: Submarine (2010)

Submarine tells the coming of age tale of Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), an exceedingly intelligent but equally delusional 15 year old boy. Oliver has two key intentions: one, to prevent an old flame whisking away his mother and two, to deal with the upheaval of high school. Oh- and of course to lose his virginity before his upcoming birthday.

Richard Ayoade’s directing debut is refreshing, up to date and clever, almost as clever as Oliver himself. Narration running throughout the film gives the impression that you are not just watching Oliver’s life through the screen, but you are also inside his mind. He recalls old memories, past thoughts and former feelings as well as providing us with new ones.

Oliver undoubtedly has a tendency to over imagine situations, one being how his class mates would react to his death (shrines, tears and candle lit parades is one way to sum it up). He struggles to understand the twists and turns as he walks through the maze of adolescence and attempts to uncover the workings of the mind. Life seems to be causing chaos in his brain but pining for Jordanna Bevan (Yasmin Paige) with her distinct red coat, eczema ridden hands and her fondness for setting alight boys legs hair in moments of intimacy keeps him highly preoccupied.

Submarine isn’t the typical American coming of age John Hughes style movie. Nobody parades around on carnival floats singing The Beatles’ Twist and Shout. This story of Oliver’s life is almost the opposite. Submarine is brought together with an array of stylistic devices and titled segments to represent the changes in Oliver’s life. Soft lighting is regularly used throughout and the film contains consecutive beautifully shot scenes of the sea as a way of embracing it’s welsh setting. As Oliver’s relationship with Jordanna heightens the calm is switched with fire and their affection is shown through sparks, flames and a range of unique shots through a kaleidoscope.

Oliver’s twisted mind allows black humour to weave itself throughout the film. Submarine is difficult to pinpoint to a certain genre due to its ability to make you feel everything at once. If Craig Robert’s acting wasn’t enough to set your emotions in uproar then I can assure you that you are able to rely on a wonderful soundtrack from Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner to leave you reaching for the tissue box.

Witty and worthy of attention, Submarine carries a newer side to British film on its back. The simple plot allows you to concentrate both your eyes and your mind on the creativity that you can see on screen and this is thoroughly complimented through the style in which it is filmed. Brilliantly clever without the added arrogance of a film that’s tried too hard.

(You can read my book review of Submarine by Joe Dunthorne here.)