Spring Playlist

Spring is probably my favourite season of the lot. Alongside the fact that my 16th birthday is quickly approaching I could probably fill in an A4 page of things that I love about Springtime. There is something so satisfying about sitting outside surrounded by sun and daffodils after a cold and dark winter.

One of the most wonderful aspects to the season is the return of the absent. Leaves and flowers bloom, the scent of fresh grass fills our noses and the lovely warmth of the sun returns to our backs. These things wouldn't be anywhere near as exciting if they hadn't been away for what has seemed like so long. Plus, the ice cream van has been spotted out on the road once more and Hockings ice cream here in Devon is simply the best ice cream ever. I may be a little biased but even my Grandma from Newcastle couldn't deny its brilliance. Trust me.

Friday marked the last day of term before our Easter Holidays. For me, it was spent performing my groups devised thematic piece to a moderator to secure 60% of my GCSE Drama grade. This now means that I have no practical lessons of Drama left and this greatly saddens me. Along with this my favourite teacher no longer teaches me English and my exams are approaching ever so quickly. I'm really struggling to find any part of me that wants to return to school after these two weeks off.

Other than the occasional gig review (click here or here to read my two favourites) you have only had a small insight into my regular choice of music. Something I am yet to do is share some of my recent favourite tracks with you. This little playlist is a mixture of new found loves, old favourites and the love of my life (yes I am talking about you Tom Odell).

1. Lovers Cave - Is Tropical

2. Not Nineteen Forever - The Courteeners
3. Songbird - Oasis
4. Giant Peach - Wolf Alice
5. Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone
 6. Violent Shiver - Benjamin Booker
7. Lamplight - Bombay Bicycle Club
8. Cherry Blossom - Paolo Nutini
9. Till I Lost - Tom Odell
10. She's Electric - Oasis
11. Jocasta - Noah And The Whale
12. What Kind Of Man - Florence and the Machine

I hope that for all of you, wherever you are in the word, the sun is making an appearance and you all have a wonderful Easter. It's only 8 days until Easter Sunday and sadly for me I made the mistake of buying a two piece crop top and maxi skirt for prom this July. I'm going to have to refrain from extensive chocolate eating unless I want to turn up with the added accessory of a pot belly! Do me a favour and eat my fair share of chocolate for me...

If, like me, you have exams coming up and these next two weeks up are going to be spent doing a lot of revision don't forget to leave some time for yourself. Maybe even do what I have done and take some time out to put together a playlist of some songs that will either boost your energy or aid relaxation. I appreciate that everybody is different and peoples taste varies wildly- so rather than listen to my little playlist why not take a moment to make your own.

Happy Spring.


  1. I love spring, but I have to admit Autumn is actually my favourite season :) wonderful post! I love your taste in music as well! x


    1. Autumn is a lovely time of year for sure, thank you very much!
      Katie xx

  2. Same! Spring is my all time favourite season: like I just feel more optimistic and happier! I love photography, to be honest I find it more fun to photograph things during the Spring. I absolutely love Tom Odell especially the song Another Love :)

    My Blog ❤
    p.s. gave you a follow on bloglovin' can't wait for more posts Katie!

    1. Yes I am always in a better mood once the sun is out & there is always plenty to photograph. Tom Odell is truly the best.
      Thank you very much! I've followed your blog back.
      K xx