Well, here we are. The end of 2014 has suddenly flung itself upon us and I still can't get my head around the fact it feels like January was just yesterday.

Looking back on the year, it's been wonderful. Yes everyone has there down moments but in the scheme of things all those small problems I've had across the year mean virtually nothing now. What does mean something, are the moments I've had across the year that have made me over the moon with happiness. I've had so many moments this year where I've really felt like I belong and have learnt to appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life. There's been tears and trauma like no other but when I look back on the times I've been doubled over in pain due to uncontrollable laughter those bad times seem fuzzy and unclear in my head. I choose to remember each year as a good one and that helps me love everything I have and I truly am grateful for the life I lead.

I thought it would be nice to share a few moments in 2014 that I enjoyed with my friends. A big thing to happen in 2015 is that I'll be leaving School and starting college and understandably not all of my friends from school will be taking the same subjects as me or even at the same college. I started Year 7 as a shy character who struggled to make friends yet now I have the bestest group of friends I could ever ask for and I am so grateful for every one of them.

I hope that you had a super 2014, but more importantly I hope that 2015 tops it and the year is well and truly a great one.
Happy new year to you all and thanks for sticking by me, I've got some great bits and bobs planned for 2015!!

Katie XXX

Katie, Amy, Frances and Beth do Come Dine With Me - February

Quay Jumping - March 

Sleeping in Lucys Annexe - March 

Amys barbecues - March 

The Doctor Who Experience - April

Walks with Mollie - May

London with India (http://india-snow.blogspot.co.uk/) - June

Summer - July until August

Beths 16th - September

Tom Odell, Bastille and Jake Bugg with Ella - February, March and October

Blackpool - October

Lille - December

Secret Santa - December

London & Phantom of the Opera - December

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