ten of us take on blackpool


Blackpool. The town with the lights that stretch on for 6 miles every autumn. In 1879 the Blackpool illuminations were founded and year on year they've returned. Back in 1984 my Mum visited with both her Sisters and this year the three of them returned with 10 of us visiting in total. 7 Geordies and 3 South Westerners explored Blackpool for ourselves. I don't like to brag but it was only 3 of us (Me, Yasmin and Craig) who had the guts to stand on the glass platform at the top of the Blackpool tower. Of course Mum thinks that standing on the glass for about 5 seconds before squealing and jumping off counts but it doesn't really does it?! I mean Yasmin even sat down Mum you can do better!! Following that we ran through a ridiculous amount of rain to Madame Tussauds and followed the usual routine of taking pictures with all the wax works- bet you've never seen anyone do that before!

Pleasure Beach was probably a highlight of the trip for me, though I would definitely recommend not making the mistake we did and pay the extra money for the fast track pass. The pepsi max was the most popular ride, which we managed to ride twice, this meant queuing for about an hour an a half each time in the cold. You wouldn't think it, but queuing for so long was definitely worth it as it is the fastest, steepest, tallest roller coaster in Europe. Riding it in the dark was truly spectacular and I wish I could have captured the view. You could see the illuminations run all along the front of Blackpool and everywhere was fully lit up. It was truly eye catching. We then made the mistake of leaving the water ride until last. By the time we got to it the time was about half past seven and the sun had gone down so it was no longer warm. We probably should have turned back after noticing that everyone in the queue wore big waterproof ponchos. But no, me Yasmin and Craig went on not only once, but twice coming out like we'd just had a full blown shower fully clothed. I even sacrificed my cardigan to save Yasmins Nike Janoskis from a thorough soaking and I was left to face the water in a strappy top!! Mum was left to pay the bill for the dryer afterwards- oops!

The rest of the week consisted of Ice Skating, a Halloween party and my growing love for a beauty of a Smiths fan working in the Caravan park gift shop. There is only a certain amount of packets of mentos you can buy from a boy without looking weird and I probably crossed the line at two, not to mention four! But he really was lovely to talk to.

It's always nice to see everyone and I love to experience new places. It was also a great way of avoiding mock exams revision for five days. Apart from the fact that the whole world seemed to be in Blackpool that week going from the size of the queues and that the weather had plummeted to new levels of cold I had a very enjoyable week. Not to mention that the lights made me feel very wintery and I've never been so excited for Christmas to arrive. It was definitely worth the trip.

Uncle Ian had to remind Ant what happened last time their Newcastle played Sunderland at football..


a post ice skating picture

Caught Craig in the act of using my phone to take a selfie with Peter Andre??

Dad was obviously very enthusiastic about Pleasure Beach?

After going on the water ride TWICE when the sun had gone down the dryer got its moneys worth. 
The view across Blackpool from part way up the Blackpool Tower.

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