Pumpkin Carving and Autumnal Walks


With summer long gone and Halloween right around the corner me and Beth took it upon ourselves to carve some Pumpkins yesterday. I'm sure many of you, like me, have suddenly noticed a major difference in the weather and now as I wake up to find the sun still hasn't risen I've had to switch my summer attire for coats, scarves and boots. Oranges and browns are slowly but surely beginning to take over what were ripe green trees and I've finally been successful in persuading my Dad that yes, it is cold enough to switch on the heating! I do enjoy putting on my fluffy pj's and bundling myself up in quilts every night.

With some help from Beth's dog Ralph, we spent the morning carving what I have to say are the best pumpkins I've ever had any input in. I'm not much of an artist and I have to say I don't have a track record of making the best pumpkins yet these were pretty impressive in my opinion- nothing to uneven and no random chunks sliced out where I'd gotten over excited! My pumpkin is looking a little too jolly for Halloween though! We spread our stuff over the floor of Beths little pub room down on the way to her garden, connected our phones to the speakers and switched the fairy lights on which created an extremely cosy and warm, not to mention wintery atmosphere. I love Halloween- mostly because I know Christmas is very soon and we all know how much I love Christmas!! (only 66 days until Christmas by the way eee!!!!)

To thank Ralph for his input in our pumpkin carving we thought it right to take him out for a walk
(alongside Jock) and go an explore down through the tree's along the river. With a borrowed pair of wellies that were about 3 sizes to big for my abnormally small size 3 1/2 feet we ventured down a little path and into the trees. The river was flowing incredibly quickly and had been dyed a watery brown colour from the excess mud and leaves autumn had provided. It was still very photogenic to say the least.

I am very glad that I did go to Beths on Saturday because it's so much nicer to spend the day doing something very nice rather than spend the day moping around bored like I normally would have. This year I've had some great times with my friends and last year I was often reluctant to accept invitations and spent most of my time alone and inside. This past year I discovered that not only is there is nothing to be worried about, but that I have and could probably never had a bad day out with my friends. I've got less than a year left with seeing them as regularly as I do so I really hope that we can spend those months meeting up as much as possible because they really are the most fantastic people ever and looking back over the years at school fill me with warmth and happiness because I have formed so many unforgettable memories alongside them.

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