JAKE BUGG 05/10/14

With my Jake Bugg tee at the ready I spent Sunday morning waiting in anticipation as the clock seemed to reach 4 so much slower than usual. As I always seem to have the worst luck ever when it comes to standing whilst seeing someone live and I always end up with another persons hair in my face me and Ella decided to go for seating for a change- and boy was I glad. We were positioned looking straight at the stage, and we were 5 rows back which meant we were close but just high enough to look right over the crowds heads. The best thing of all being I had no hair in my face for the whole show!! It also meant that I could venture into the masses of people in front of the stage and push my way half way to the front for a song or two before I emerged back to my seat having trod in a lot of drink that covered the floor and jostled my way through groups of dancing boys who were much taller than me.

It didn't really hit me until Jake walked on stage what was actually happening, yet even before he began his set the room was brought to life by two support acts. It was Man Made who opened the show, closely followed by Hudson Taylor who I am surprised I had never heard of before as they were just the type of music I like to listen too. I already knew Jake would pick something different to the new day modern pop music and I really enjoyed their interpretations on what music is all about. I was also a big fan of the fact both bands played there own instruments that's always great to see.

In between acts, a variety of songs were played through the speakers. Can you really complain about waiting when you have The Stone Roses and Oasis to get you in the mood? Before Jake came on Champagne Supernova started playing but cut off just as the chorus began for Jake. Yet, the whole room seemed to carry on singing and it was quite magical.

Jake then emerged on stage to the screams of many emotional 12 year olds (yes- I am aware I was one once and I still have many similar attributes). His all black clothes almost made him blend in with the colourless background; his signature logo blown up in big letters behind him.

Opening with Messed Up Kids and Seen It All the whole crowd were on a high and his setlist was perfectly structured as playing Storm Passes Away after these two high tempo tracks really influenced it's meaning and the feeling behind it all. I was also quite impressed with Jake, as I was fully aware before even buying the tickets that his stage present isn't the greatest but he did put his all into all of his songs and thanked everyone for helping him get where he is today. After all it is all about the music for him and live shows and publicity is something that comes alongside it. Being the first show of his current UK tour we were fortunate enough to hear two new song debuts, Down The Avenue and Hold On You. Both hint to another promising album from him in the near future.

The crowd reacted well to most of his songs but it was disheartening to see a chunk of them were very unenthusiastic and it wasn't until his final few songs that they quit talking and got more involved. When Jake sang Broken, a track from his debut album Jake Bugg, it was the first song where everyone sang along and many held glow-sticks and phone lighters in the air. It was all complemented by low lighting and it made a very moving performance. It was the final song Lightning Bolt where everyone was practically screaming out the words and the whole audience was jumping about.

I normally find it quite easy to pick my favourite track of the night, but the setlist was so good I really am really struggling. Each song was approached so differently that is really difficult to state which one I enjoyed the most overall but Slumville Sunrise and Lightning Bolt were great in terms of the reaction of the crowd and he had the whole room shouting the lyrics back at him. I also enjoyed Slide and Green Man which were very well delivered. Simple Pleasures was also a highlight as it was the one song that I experienced in the middle of the crowd as close to the front as I could squeeze through the maze of dancing strangers.

Although Jake is well-known for not being the happiest guy in the world and for not being much of a performer I could tell he was very appreciative of everyone for being there and he had a very good reaction from all of the tweets and comments I've seen. As I left the room to My Brother Jake by Free with my programme in hand I yet again felt that feeling of utter disappointment that the whole evening had drawn to a close.

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