My next post in my schedule for this month was a theatre review that was to take place on Sunday. Unfortunately one of the performers fell ill so you will have to put up with some pictures I've been saving up for a time like this. You're probably thinking it, but no I've not taken another trip to Greece! Surprisingly North Devon can scrub up and look *almost* as pretty. I really love Ilfracombe, and although in the summer it can be full to the brim with tourists I like to take a trip there whenever my family are down. This year it was my Aunty Susans turn to eat fish and chips with us overlooking the water and to give it a shot at beating me at an annual game of crazy golf! It was also nice to give my camera another tester and to just enjoy the outdoors which is something I do surprisingly less during term time.

You can't complain about living here when faced with a white chocolate and raspberry ice cream, the sea and a brilliant view.

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