Blue Waters and New Friends | Greece 2014

Leaving the endless hours in the sun and days full of both the swimming pool and the table pool tournaments currently feels like the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Being in Greece makes me feel more at home than being at home ever could. As soon as that wave of heat hits me stepping of the plane I know I'm in for two weeks of tanning, greek dancing and as much Greek peach fruit juice as I can afford.
This year, craving adventures, I've danced along the road in and out of cars with every girl and woman in a Greek taverna, snorkelled through Greek caves and explored the island in a Suzuki Jimny with the roof down. It never fails to amaze me how the colour of the water seems to change shade of blue around every corner. This has meant I have acquired quite a large variety of pictures to share with you guys.

Greece is somewhere we visit almost every year, it's most probably so close to us as my Mum used to live here and me and my brother have grown up learning how to say simple things like please and thank you and learning to count to impress the Greek waitors and waitresses. One day when I'm older I want to do as she did and spend a few years living here. It's a place I've made some wicked memories, and I sort of forget about any worries I may have. Greece has been a large part of my life and I have many childhood memories there and I think those holidays are what have helped form me as a person. It's the two weeks of my year where I'm surrounded by the most tranquillity and freedom to be whoever I wish. It may sound stupid but I feel like in Greece I am my true self, and any friends I make there (like this years pool tournaments between me, Craig, Bailey, Luke, Ethan, Jamie and Aidan) I appreciate all the more as I feel they like me for who I really am.
This year my little window in my apartment room overlooked part of the street which had a few Tavernas and I could see up to the pool to my left. When it was dark I would stick my head out of the window and listen to the sound of Zante. The sound of Greek music, people shouting and having fun, the endless symphony of cicadas and the regular clip clop of a horse and cart were just taken in as I shut my eyes and appreciated the world in which I live in.

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