REVIEW: Tom Odell - Plymouth Pavilions 07/02/14

(credit to whoever this belongs too- I danced too much to take any pictures, just videos!)
On Friday I was lucky enough to experience the wonder that is Tom Odell for the second time. I previously saw him last October at the Bristol O2 and having been a strong lover of his music for about a year now. This meant that purchasing tickets to his latest UK tour seemed the natural thing to do.

Tom really stands out in the sea of recent pop and charts music, with his piano, own written songs and a truly strong voice that gives the impression he will start to cry at any moment. Each one of his songs are so well-written and raw, it can really play with your emotions. I am yet to find another quite like him, wearing his own style of an oversized white shirt and chelsea boots and his floppy hair-do he really managed to steal the show and have the whole audience screaming the words back at him. The contrast of his vulnerable voice with his jaunty and dynamic piano skills provided a night that was one of my best.

James Bay and Fryars opened the show, both bringing a completely different approach to the new-day music industry. I feel we have recently lost the true style and emotion we can bring across through music, which has been replaced by songs made all through the aid of the computer. To see two different acts stand on stage with their instruments and sing with their true voice was a sight that made not only me but many others happy.

After the first two acts, I was feeling pretty uncomfortable. I had back-ache, my feet were sore, I was suffering from a lack of water and I had a variety of different peoples hair being shoved in my face. I was even beginning to think that if I stayed at the front Toms whole performance would be ruined by my lack to concentrate and dire need for water. Luckily enough we sacraficed our front row place and bought a drink, before returning and managing to get passed 4000 people to a gap at the very end of the front. Here we had a side on view of Tom, plenty of room for a good boogie, a barrier to hand our coats on and although we couldn't see Matt Ingram on the drums and Max Cliverd on guitar after our amazing view in October we weren't complaining.
Tom opened the show with Long Way Down and Hold Me, where he bashed on his piano like there was no tomorrow. We were also fortunate enough to be the first to hear his new song Alex live, where everyone watched in awe, trying to memorise every moment.

With only one album to his name, Tom performed a variety of songs including Another Love, Grow Old With Me, See If I Care and Till I Lost but also twisted in about 4 covers, my personal favourite being I Just Want To Make Love To You by Etta James which formed some great remarks from the audience along with an awful lot of jumping around. When an album as strong as his is released, and has such brilliant live performances to complement it there isn't a doubt that you have somebody in front of you who is bound to go far.

For me, the highlight of the night was Sense, which was brought to us through Tom's achingly powerful vocals. As I peered around at the four thousand people who witnessed it alongside me I saw many had tears in their eyes. 

My other favourite was his show opener, Hold Me, which, being one of his more upbeat songs had me clapping along, screaming the words as loud as I could over the satisfied roar of the crowd.

The whole night was equipped with a great amount of performances in which it was impossible not to stamp your feet and pump you fist in the air; but also had the stripped back performances where Tom's passion and feeling was reflected into the audience. Even if that wasn't enough, I was extremely fortunate to have a small conversation with him at the stage door, and a photo. He was so modest and humble, and strolled towards us casually after only what must have been a 10 minute wait with the words "F**k, it's really raining!". He greeted every one of the small collection of fans that had waited, despite the weather, asking us all how we enjoyed our night. 

Tom's debut album, Long Way Down was released in June last year, and with a new song last night, I, along with many others have our fingers crossed for a whole new album sometime this year. 

I left Plymouth with a complete buzz, repeating the events of the evening over and over in my head and watching the videos I took which was a great time-filler for the 2 hours home. 

Now to spend the next few months foraging the internet for news of his next tour.

A well-deserved 10/10 for what may have been one of the most loved nights I have experienced in a long time- even with the vast amount of hair that engulfed my face throughout the first half!

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