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My name is Katie , I was born on the 29th of April and I am currently trying to build myself a portfolio to assist me in my passion to become a journalist or blogger. Since a young age I have always been willing to enter my writing into competitions, and have had a variety of my work published. I am always over the moon if a piece of writing is published in the school magazine, but am also privileged enough to have had stories published on the internet and even luckier to have a poem published in a poetry book. I have beem lucky enough to win a number of competitions, and was shortlisted in Chris Evans' short story competition.


I have had previous password protected blogs before the birth of this current one, but am hopeful that here I can erupt with reviews, stories and short snippets of what I have to offer. Unlike my past failures writing journals, I am proud to acknowledge that my ability to keep up a regular blogging schedule is rather admirable.

I have decided, what better to write about than what I like? Write about something you dislike and it becomes a chore, it's never your best work and other people won't enjoy reading it either. So on this blog you will most likely find writing that is somehow connected with my love of Performing Arts, and as much as I'd love to be on the stage one day, I do love writing a juicy review as much as I love to be the subject of one.
To keep a variety going, I will also write about music, film, fashion and just normal lifestyle posts on what I'm loving about the world.

I don't think I can pinpoint a clear reason as to why I enjoy writing so much. I've never been branded as a confident person, until I get to know somebody that is, and I find that writing is my way of getting across what I have to say.

So, to anyone who takes their time to give my work a read and shows interest in what I write, thank you, and I hope you enjoy my insight on the world. Enjoy!

Katie xxx

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